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What is the International Bowhunters Education Program (IBEP)?

Hunt smart, Hunt safe, TBBC, T.B.B.C, Traditional Bow Hunters of British Columbia, Traditional BowHunters British ColumbiaThe International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) is a program designed to train bow hunters throughout North America & internationally. The ultimate goal of the IBEP is to provide bow hunters, both experienced & new, with the basic fundamentals of good, safe bow hunting while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the sport.

The IBEP program was introduced to BC approximately 12 years ago, but was inactive until 4-5 years ago. Various bow hunting organizations within BC now believe the International Bowhunting Education Program is a significantly important program & are working to have it recommended within the provincial hunting regulations.  

The immediate objective is to instill in all bow hunters a responsible attitude & to adopt and follow acceptable behavior towards people, wildlife & the environment in which they hunt.

The class is approximately 10 hours (spread over one or two) of interactive classroom study. This class is currently required to bow hunt in 16 states & many foreign countries & the number is growing.

What is the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF)?

competitive target archery, competitive archery, BC, British Columbia, competitive archery shooting, 3D Archery Shoots, 3D.In an effort to identify needs and to begin a renewed focus for the NBEF, the board of directors and regional coordinators held a two day “Pathfinder Session” in conjunction with their annual board meeting in July 2004.

During strategic planning, the board targeted several subject areas that will be use current NBEF strengths while meeting the challenges faced by bowhunting today.

These include expanding baseline data on instructors, courses, and graduates. Also expanding the data to include reports as they relate to graduates vs. non-graduates of bowhunter education.

 It was also decided to improve materials and product offerings and general services based on identified customer needs. The new student manual called “Today’s Bowhunter” is an example of improving materials with more material revisions to come in 2005.

The group also decided to target retention of existing bowhunters by developing new programs through high interest, advanced classes or mentoring type curriculum.

The TBBC, Traditional Bowhunters of Britsh Columbia, Bowhunting BC, BC Archers, Archery British Columbia,Canada

Course Topics Include:

Equipment selection, Broad heads, How to tell if your broad head is sharp ,How to sharpen it, Set up, Tuning practice, Yardage estimation techniques, Hunting techniques, Tree stand selection, Shot Placement Installation, Safety Bow hunting ethics, Reading signs, Blood trailing, Shot placement, Shoot, no-shoot situations & care of meat.

The course also provides a great deal of interactive discussion & a chance to speak with to and learn from some fellow bow hunters with a significant amount of experience.  

The cost is $50.00CDN for the two day course.

Contact Information:

2071 Newcastle Lane.
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

T(250) 714-9793

Forever Protecting Our Traditional Heritage!

The TBBC, Traditional Bowhunters of Britsh Columbia, Bowhunting BC, BC Archers, Archery British Columbia,Canada